3 interior design trends for this winter

What are winter trends in interior design? What lines are going to mark hotels and restaurants decoration?

Design and interiorism need to constantly be renewed. During winter, our mood and desire change. We do not want to spend every evening out and we prefer to stay in and intimacy.

At this point of the year, interior designers and decorators in the hotel industry face the same questioning: How do we adapt our space to this situation?

This winter is an opportunity to shine again

On 2023 new years eve, we can assume the exceptional situation has finished. This winter is a unique opportunity to shine again.

This sector hopes to regain momentum to the pre-covid era. In fact, the vestiges of this recovery have already begun to be seen this summer. Hotel occupancy  in Europe during August was only 10% lower than in 2019, according to Hosteltur.

3 interior design trends for this winter

Pytón’s proposal for the contract sector this winter season consists of bringing the warmth of the Mediterranean to the receptions, rooms and lounges of hotels all over Europe. That is why our proposal will be in line with these 3 trends.

Warmth in the curtain

Is there a sensation that evokes the resurgence better than pulling back the curtains on a winter morning? Pytón’s proposal is the Damasco FR one-piece blackout curtains. The main characteristic of these curtains is that their velvety effect gives the sensation of warmth that is necessary at this time of the year.

Uncover your daring side

This winter will be the ideal time to uncover your most daring side in interior design. From Pytón, our proposal is to fill the spaces with natural furs and fabrics. Specifically, BovinoNormandy Tricolor is a cowhide that is perfect for upholstery and carpets.

Let’s dress up interior spaces with elegance

This winter, interior design will have a common note: elegance. For this reason, Pytón proposes our Kenya Faux Leather, a product with a vintage look that simulates a worn leather. It is ideal for hotels and restaurants. A material that identifies with that of a Chesterfield armchair, an icon of an era and a recreation of elegance and comfort.