¿Are you ready to wear bell bottom jeans?

We love to observe how different trends reappear in current interior design. The ones that catch our attention the most are the 70s and 80s: on the one hand, the era of disco music and Afro hairstyles, the hippie movement and the emancipation of women and, on the other hand, the era of social rebellion, environmental awareness and the coexistence of different subcultures.

The influences of these eras are especially visible in contemporary fashion in form of bold prints, psychedelic motifs, lace, embroidery, floral elements, bright colours and metallic finishes.

In interior design, especially in contract, fashions and trends are more durable due to the greater expense and planning time. However, even here the trends that had the greatest impact in their time return cyclically and can be seen in the upholstery, cushions, rugs, curtains and other elements of decoration. The 70s and 80s return in the form of printed rugs and fabrics, wallpaper with geometric patterns and vibrant colours.

Concern for the environment forces us to look for durable, natural or recycled materials, without neglecting comfort and practicality. Wood, stone and natural fabrics such as linen or wool, apart from being sustainable, provide a relaxing touch. We look for warm and welcoming environments, spaces that give the feeling of comfort and softness and that help us find peace and tranquility.

The rules of interior design that we have borrowed from the 70s and 80s are basically the freedom and joy of colours, more authentic and personal design.