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  • Application sector: Restaurants, Home Decor, Hospatility
  • Composition: BOVINO
  • Finish: Full grain leather, soft and wax handle
  • Technical characteristics:

    Full cow hide, 1.1/1.2 mm thick, wax natural finish, light pull-up effect

Technical sheet
Roadstar Beige
Roadstar Blanco
Roadstar Camel
Roadstar Cedro
Roadstar Cuero
Roadstar Gris Cenere
Roadstar Gris Persia
Roadstar Limo
Roadstar Marron
Roadstar Negro
Roadstar Prugna
Roadstar Taupe
Roadstar Testa Moro
Roadstar Verde Oliva
Roadstar Vision
Roadstar Zucca
Roadstar Zucchero

Projects in which we have collaborated

The flagship hotel in Paris
Special luxury apartments
Tienda Santa Eulàlia Barcelona