Rustic material will be trending in interior design and decoration this 2022

Rustic materials are fashionable. In the field of decoration and interior design, there are certain trends that are marking a stage and that should be followed closely in order to provide a total user experience.

The decoration must converge with emotions and feelings. This new look at rustic material in decoration allows us to transport ourselves to a scenario of comfort and security that is very appropriate in these times of uncertainty that we are experiencing.

Why is rustic material fashionable?

Why is rustic material fashionable? This is perhaps the first question we must ask ourselves. Interior design and decoration have their source of inspiration in current affairs. Partly because in interior decoration, a constant dialogue is sought with the visitor.

Understanding the pulse of society is key to being able to offer interior spaces that truly empathize with the user. The trend for rustic material in decoration was born as a response to an emotional state that seeks to encourage creativity and inspiration.

The pandemic has changed consumer behavior

After more than two years of the global pandemic, the general feeling in society is that of wanting to feel every moment, enjoy the little things and live intensely daily. When it comes to interior design, this translates into achieving spaces that allow you to enjoy the simple in an exaggerated way.

According to a study published by Booking, the use of words (worldwide) related to hiking (94%), clean air (50%), nature (44%) and relaxation (33%) have increased significantly since the start of the pandemic.

In fact, according to this same report, more than half of tourists (56%) opt for more rural and unusual experiences to immerse themselves in nature. In the field of decoration, rustic material makes it possible to combine this consumer demand of betting on a natural environment without sacrificing comfort.

Back to the origin

In Spain, rural tourism experienced a year-on-year growth of +20% last summer, according to El Correo. When the -increasingly close-revival of tourism arrives, it will be crucial to have interior spaces in which this natural and simple environment can be breathed.

In the same way, pastel colors and rustic materials will also rule in decoration. Specifically, the Very Peri color (a purple with bluish tones) will be the star of this season. The interiors will lead us to autumnal settings in which we can relax and boost our creativity.

Pyton at the forefront of rustic material decoration

At Pyton, we do not live oblivious to this new trend in decoration. It is for this reason that we offer our customers a collection of products with a strong influence of rustic environments.

  • Rustic material Oxford curtains: For the curtains of your interior spaces, we propose a rustic fabric that, despite the simplicity of the material, is capable of providing a feeling of home and comfort. Its subtle shine exudes luxury and elegance. In addition, in Pyton we have a wide range of colors available. Including bluish and violet tones, (colors that, right now, are very fashionable).
  • Linen-effect curtains: Similarly, our new collection of linen-effect curtains combines perfectly with Oxford-style curtains. The linen effect filters the light and provides that much-needed warmth for interior spaces.

These two novelties in curtain proposals will help you draw a design for your interior spaces full of safety and well-being. Find out how you can dress your spaces with the best fashion style.