Synthetics: Design and Practicality


Efficient materials that adapt to your project.

Let’s forget terms like “leatherette” or “plastic” and talk about materials synthetics, which are produced with eco-responsible technology; warm textures, resistant, easy to maintain and clean and available in a wide range of optics and colors.



Pyton synthetic material set




Technical characteristics of synthetic materials


Synthetic materials stand out for their physical properties: durability, elasticity and resistance, which is driving their demand in sectors such as the hotel industry where these values are sized for their practicality.

For this reason, we say that synthetic materials are “efficient” materials. And versatile, since they can be made in an infinite number of engravings, finishes and colors.

Our synthetics are inherently fireproof and comply with the most demanding international safety standards in facilities, whether hotels or public spaces.



Innovative salon with synthetic materials




Innovation and respect for the environment


Technological advances in the production of synthetic materials have enabled the development of increasingly environmentally friendly options. Materials manufactured with renewable resources, in circular processes and with recycled components.



GARDEN FREE FR M environmentally friendly synthetic material



And innovation is built on creative ideas. At Pytón we have a technical team to develop, down to the smallest detail, the material that best suits your project: in its visual aspect: texture, engraving, design, color and in the technical aspect: structure, ecological qualities and technical treatments (anti-jeans, anti-bacterial finishes, etc.).



TROYA FR synthetic material for outdoor use



We develop and produce customized materials, but we also offer a wide range of optics and standard service colors as a collection.

We provide solutions so that the designer can create unique environments.



Innovative hotel lobby with synthetics




Resistance and ease of maintenance


Synthetic materials are highly resistant to wear and tear in daily and intensive use, and are especially recommended for high-traffic areas such as lobbies and restaurants.

The material remains unaltered and is beneficial to the quality of the product in which it has been used.

Synthetic materials are easy to clean and maintain. Their non-porous surface prevents the accumulation of dirt and germs, making them easy to clean and disinfect.

This is especially important in the hotel sector, where hygiene is essential to ensure guest satisfaction and safety.







Warmth and comfort


Contrary to widespread belief, synthetic materials do not necessarily have to be cold to the touch. With the latest production technologies, warm and pleasant-to-the-touch finishes are obtained, which is perfect for creating cozy and comfortable environments.

It should be noted that synthetics also offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, helping to create a comfortable and quiet environment. This is especially valuable in common areas of the hotel, where noise and temperature variations can be a problem.

From finishes that mimic the appearance of natural materials such as leather or linen, to innovative and eye-catching prints, the possibilities are endless.



Synthetic headboard




Versatility and adaptability


Synthetic materials are incredibly versatile and suit a wide variety of applications in hotel interior design.

For headboards, bed bases, paneling, upholstery, decorative applications. Synthetic materials offer a durable, attractive and functional solution to every space.



Luxury resort in Ibiza




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