Very Peri: Why is it the trend color of this 2022?

The Very Peri color (Pantone 17-3938) has been chosen as the trend color for this 2022. It is a dark magenta color with certain bluish tones. This color promises to encourage a “spritely, joyous attitude,” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of The Pantone Color Institute.

“The courageous creativity and imaginative expressions” that inspire Very Peri have been some strong arguments for selecting this color as the Pantone trend of the year. Like every December, the Pantone Color Institute selects the shade that will set the trend for the year.

Why is Very Peri the trend color of 2022?

This organization analyzes the state of mind of society and the trends in the different sectors and proposes a trend color that matches perfectly with the feelings and needs of citizens.

The Pantone Color Institute’s choice of a trend color for the year marks the lines in interior design. For those spaces that are looking to update their style, taking into account what is in style is essential to stay ahead of the curve.

After more than two years of the pandemic, Very Peri (Pantone 17-3938) transports us to a stage of innovation and vitality. Very Peri manages to “reflect what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for” said Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.

What is Very Peri?

The landscapes of Provence, the breeze of the most rural Mediterranean, the relaxing smell of lavender… The colors inspire sensations and evoke scenes in us. It is for this reason that, for designers, interior designers and architects, it is crucial to understand what the pulse of society is in order to offer spaces that are in accordance with their needs.

Design and interior design is no stranger to today. We are going through a global situation marked by the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. We have become more introspective, and we have an -increasing- need to find what motivates and excites us.

The Very Peri color seeks precisely to arouse these sensations. The combination between blue and magenta gives us a happy and lively feeling that stimulates us to find that courage to create so necessary in the current context.

What emotions does the Very Peri color inspire?

For interior design and decoration of spaces, understanding the semantics of this color allows us to provide our spaces with unique emotions. If we take each color that makes up the Very Peri separately and analyze the color psychology, we will obtain a profile of what Very Peri is capable of communicating:

  • Blue: Blue is a color related to tranquility and security. It is a primary color, generally used in corporate environments since it conveys confidence and, at the same time, elegance.
  • Magenta: Magenta is also a primary color. It transmits emotional balance and physical harmony. It is associated with the colors of self-esteem and contentment.
  • Violet: Also known as purple. It is made up of a combination between blue and magenta. It is the color of calmness and creativity. We usually find it in spas, or meditation and yoga centers.
  • Red: The color red is one of the colors with the most powerful meanings in psychology. It transmits strength, passion and warmth. It is that spontaneity and that spirit of adventure so necessary to get out of the comfort zone.

Pyton helps you dress your interior spaces with Very Peri

Colors play a fundamental role in our lives. They condition us -consciously or unconsciously- and predispose us to show emotions or communicate sensations. At Pyton we are very aware of the needs and trends of the market. For this reason, we offer our customers a wide range of products colored with Very Peri.

Very Peri invites us to explore our limits. From Pyton, this pantone inspires us with a “galactic” and daring look that proposes us to advance bravely towards unknown scenarios with the aim of enhancing our creativity and ingenuity. Using this color in interior design and decoration will help communicate that concern for knowledge in your spaces.

We have gone through a period that has lasted for more than two years in which instability has marked the pulse of society. It is for this reason that architects, interior designers and designers must make an effort to communicate sensations that evoke a state of appropriate optimism.

Very Peri colored curtains

Ideal velvet curtains to provide that much-needed intimacy and fragrance for interior spaces. Dress your interiors with an elegant curtain that is up-to-date.

Upholstery and fabrics color Very Peri

Whether they are furniture, sofas or armchairs. You need everything in your spaces to breathe the same harmony. Color is the perfect argument for everything to convey the same message.

Very Peri colored synthetics

Synthetic is a very grateful material since it offers good performance without implying very careful and constant maintenance. It is an ideal material for decoration in hotels and other crowded spaces.

Pyton helps you dress your interior spaces with this season’s trend color. Contact our specialists team and find out how you can dress your projects with this trendy color.