¿What will be the trends for the next winter?

Winter is coming… and with it the new trends in interior design.

We have been at Futurmoda, the main trend fair for the footwear and leather goods market in Spain. We have presented and analysed the general trend and, as always, we have done an exercise of adaptation to the Contract market.

This season the main colours are brown greens, browns, terracotta pinks, purples and, to put the icing on the cake, electric blue, used in the details, for example in the upholstery of a single furniture or in the paint on a wall.

Contact with nature and environmental protection are back in the spotlight. Natural materials, craftsmanship and sustainability as the basis of collections and design are here to stay.

Another trend is curved and organic lines in furniture, which are visually more welcoming and convey a sense of calm.

This season the 70s once again set a trend in interior design with their characteristic colours, textures and prints.

At PYTÓN we take note of these trends and begin the new season by launching the collection Eco-Moma, a soft and cozy velvet for upholstery, in a wide range of vibrant colours that will complete any space, whether private or public. This fabric is part of our range of sustainable products, as it is made of Polyester produced from recycled PET bottles that preserves the same characteristics as virgin Polyester but produces less environmental impact. It is a safe bet with a noble appearance that will give any furniture a more elegant look with a touch of glamour.

However, it must be admitted that at PYTÓN we are not satisfied with what is simple and once again we have gone further. Within our range of products we find not only velvet for upholstering, but also for dressing windows with opaque curtains. Velvet definitely looks sensational on curtains, it shines and captures attention, it makes you want to touch it and feel its warmth, making it the perfect choice for hotel rooms. Our curtain Damasco FR is the perfect example of this.

All the trends (some temporary, others eternal) of this new season have as a common characteristic optimism and warmth, so necessary for the arrival of autumn, with its lower temperatures, fewer hours of daylight and increasing humidity. This change of season implies new possibilities and new challenges, it invites us to redecorate the house and welcome autumn with energy.