Why do I need blackouts for my interior design?

Blackouts are one of the most important pieces in hotel interior decoration. Why are they the most important pieces? Blackouts provide a unique harmony to the room and dress the entire interior with the same line. Also, blackouts manage to preserve the privacy of the guests. In other words, it is both a functional and aesthetic element in interior design.

Different types of curtains?

Plain curtains, Venetian blinds, sheer curtains… There are many types of curtains! If you have ever been in the position of having to choose the material and type of curtain for the design of an interior space, you have certainly explored various options.

In the case of hotels and resorts, one of the most popular options are blackouts. This option allows you to effectively block out all light. At the same time, by adding texture, it creates design and avoids the need for two curtains.

What do blackouts look like?

Blackouts need to be sufficiently opaque to prevent any light from filtering through. This can be achieved with different methodologies. On the one hand, by adding a blackout to a fabric and then adding a resinated acrylic on the back.  Or the latest technology, using a darkening agent between two fabrics.

The new blackouts from Pytón

At Pytón we have a new item in our 100% blackout collection. We have developed the Miami blackout. Following the line of development of blackout with two-sided fabric we have gone a step further, putting combinations of different fabrics.

This allows for a lighter, cooler and even reversible composition. Like the rest of our Miami range of curtains, it is a double width product (2.8 metres), flame retardant and washable.

Advantages of the Pyton Miami blackout

  1. Versatility: Pyton’s Miami blackout has the peculiarity of having two sides. Play with our range of greys, ochre, blue and beige depending on the design requirements of the space.
  2. Colourful: dare in your design with our colour contrasts, beige-ochre, grey-blue intense… The same blackout can transport you to different atmospheres.
  3. Freshness: its light linen effect design and its warmer reverse side is the combination that your space needs.